Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saul becomes Paul by Pastor Jamie

It’s been quite a journey!

We began June 27 with the burning bush and Moses’ call to lead the Hebrews out of slavery to the Promised Land. It was just an ordinary day. Moses was simply going about his business tending the sheep of his father-in-law Jethro. God appeared in the fire and called out: “Moses, Moses..”

Today we finished this part of our journey with the call of Saul and Ananias. Jesus calls: Saul, Saul…” while he is on his way to arrest and persecute Christian believers. Ananias is also called by name and sent to the house on Straight Street where he is to minister to Saul who has been blinded by a flash of light.

Moses responded to God’s call by asking if God could send someone else. I’m not eloquent he explained. God still sent him.

Saul responded to the call by saying: “Who are you, Lord?” But God still sent him.

Ananias first responded to the call by saying: “Here I am, Lord!” But when he found out that he was to go to Saul he responded: Are you sure you know what you’re doing? God still sent him.

I am grateful for this Stepping Stones journey. I appreciate the involvement and interest. We have averaged nearly 30 people in Bible Study each week. Our wonderful leadership team is guiding this journey with creativity and faithfulness. I am excited about the future. Thank you for your participation.

In the sermon this morning I pondered a couple of questions: What if God’s call to the future surprises us? What if we are uncertain about what we hear? How will we respond: Please send someone else? Who are you? Are you sure? Or will we say with confidence and trust: Here I am Lord!

Of course we all want to say “Here I am Lord!” But remember, we will discern and follow this call as a community, listening, pondering, praying, and following together.

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