About Sunnyside

Sunnyside Presbyterian Church, or just "Sunnyside" as it's known to most people, is more than just a church. It is a group of about 600 children, youth and adults who share a belief in Jesus Christ and a lot of caring for each other. It is also a friendly place where most people feel right at home even during their first visit.

Sunnyside is an active and energetic church! We are deeply involved in ministry to the South Bend and surrounding community. We are committed to quality education for children and adults. We are brought together in meaningful and traditional worship lead by a vibrant and growing music program.

Sunnyside is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA). We are proud of our reformed traditions, the work of the larger church and the ways that Sunnyside is connected through mission and shared programs with our denomination. We are a member of the Wabash Valley Presbytery and the Synod of Lincoln Trails.

It was in this spirit of love and caring that Sunnysiders joined to form a church more than 130 years ago. The years have passed, but the faith of Sunnysiders still rests on the same premise: a belief that God's people should come together for worship then go their individual ways to put the gospel into practice.