Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Beatitudes-Matthew 5:1-16- by Larry Savage

What an excellent start we have made on our 10 bible passage journey. So far, we have seen: Moses challenged by God to bring the Israelites out of Egypt; Zechariah and Elizabeth blessed with the long awaited birth of a very special child “John the Baptist” who would precede Christ; and Jacob who would form the 12 tribes of Israel from which Christ would be nurtured.

Next we shift from the Old Testament to the New Testament and begin to see a subtle change. Matthew’s Beatitudes differ from Old Testament emphasis on: following Jewish law, living a moral life, and receiving blessings and prosperity in the present. The New Testament emphasis changes to God’s desire for us to have a “conversion of the heart”, receive blessings of the spirit, and take up the mission to be the salt and light of Christianity.

As I read these first lessons taught by Christ, I am struck by the profound vulnerability we must accept: to be open, thoughtful, flexible, courageous, respectful, and humble as we discern our next path.

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  1. This week's lesson is a nice break. After a burning bush, being struck mute and wrestling with God, we get the peace of Jesus. I like what Larry said about being vulnerable as we seek to discern what God wants from us. It's risky to be vulnerable. We have to trust God to help us. That is what this journey is all about. I'm looking forward to Rebecca's sermon on Sunday and the discussion.


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