Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Moses and the Burning Bush- Exodus 3:1-12- by: Leslie McKillip

Reading this passage, I was struck by the fact that God chose a burning bush to get Moses’ attention and by the fact that Moses chose to take a closer look and see why the bush had not burned up. It made me wonder just how many people today would be curious enough to get closer and how many people would run the other way. I’m not sure what that answer would be for me. Sometimes I pray that the resources God uses in my life would be more obvious to me like a burning bush because I don’t always hear His whisper in my ear. I do believe that being asked to serve on the Stepping Stones committee and then being nominated to co-chair were both “burning bush” moments. I had served in several large volunteer chair positions and vowed that I was not going to chair anything else for a very long time. I’m so glad that I said “yes” to the Stepping Stones! Now as Bill and I prepare for a move that is both exciting and bittersweet, I will do what Moses did and trust God and know that He will be with us along the journey. After all, God didn’t ask Moses to do it alone and as Sunnyside travels along its journey to discern God’s will for our church, we can all be burning bushes through our many voices and experiences.


  1. I have always felt a kinship to Moses. Not in his flashy moments of carrying out God's miracles, but in his simple moments of self-doubt and reluctance. How many times did Moses tell God that he was too slow of speech or just not the right guy for the job!?!? It is intimidating to trust in a plan bigger than oursleves - whether we are intimdated by the task or our lack of confidence. Of course, that is what faith is all about, I suppose. But stepping on sacred ground and finding that God is calling to our hearts - just waiting for the connection between Creator and the created - is an excitng and wonderful moment. In that way, I love this passage. Like the Moses who set the captives free, I, too, can feel scared and unsure. And I can also say yes to what God has planned!

  2. I appreciate Leslie and Amy's comments about Moses and the burning bush. You have both shared beautifully about sacred ground, God's call, trepidation and excitement.

    It has been enjoyable to ponder this story as I prepare for the Sunday sermon. I'm struck that Moses was simply living an every day, normal life. After much stress and trauma, slavery/murder/escape)things were peaceful and calm for him. Life was going very well.

    Then he encounters the burning bush. He could have ignored it by passing by. He could have turned away. Instead he "turned aside," focusing on the fire which did not consume. It was when he paused and focused that God spoke and called Moses to the task of his life...freeing the Hebrew people from slavery.

    Life is good for Sunnyside Church these days. There seems to be a sense of calm and peace. But I wonder...what is the character of the sacred ground we walk upon? How can we pause and turn aside and focus on God's call to us? And of course...what is the call? Moses was sent to save his people from slavery. How is God sending us into the future?

    I'm excited by this opportunity to ponder this together as a community of faith.

  3. I too am excited about this opportunity. It is an interesting question, isn't it? How do we know what God's will is for our life. This past year one of my students showed me a web site called, much to my amusement. I had no delusions that God had actually set up his own web site. But in this day of computers, instant messaging, texting, etc. I think part of us just wished God would e-mail us with the task of the day. The modern day version of the burning bush. But even then would we listen or would we consider it God spam and put the message in the trash. In this day of instant everything, I think God probably wants a little more effort on our part. Googling "God's will" probably isn't going to get us far. When was the last time that you actually paused to ask God's will for your life?

  4. I love what Leslie wrote. I feel I listen for God's whisper and wish it was more of a roar. I can't help but wonder how many times I've missed His call. I think several times it's because I don't have the confidence in myself that God has in me.
    I too feel Stepping Stones is call from God and I am so glad I answered. I can't wait to see where He leads Sunnyside.


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